Al Wafi provides all equipment and tools needed for analytical testing in research centers, Environmental labs, and analytical laboratories.
Our range includes:

  • Atomic Absorption (A.A) Equipment
  • High Liquid Chromatography (HPLC)
  • Spectrophotometers
  • TOC Analyzers
  • Oragnical and non organical element analyzer.

Blood banks is usually a division of a hospital laboratory or a governmental laboratory where the storage of blood products occurs. All blood banks must ensure proper testing is performed to reduce the risk of transfusion related events and it is essential for the blood bank to pass all the eligibility guidelines as mandated by the FDA and NHS. The safety and reliability should also be a consideration too. This includes compatibility testing for transfusion and may include blood donation processing, depending on the capabilities of the facility.

Al Wafi Laboratory department has the full range and all tools essential for all blood banks.
Our range includes the following:

  1. Blood Group Identification Systems by Gel, ID Cards and Analyzers.
  2. Virology Testing: Complete systems for testing HIV, HBV, HCV kits, EIA automated and semi automated systems.
  3. Full line of Freezers, Refrigerators, Centrifuges, Mixers.
  4. Advance systems for blood filtration, leucocyte filters, inline flitration systems .
  5. Full line of Blood bags, tube scalers, mixers, donor chairs.

Clinical Diagnostics is identifying a disease from its signs, characteristics or symptoms using the right laboratory instruments and techniques and commercially available tests. Al Wafi represents the leading manufacturers of the highest quality and comprehensive lines of Clinical Diagnostics reagents and instruments of all related fields.

  1. Autoimmune Division
    Autoimmune disorders are diseases that occur when the body produces an inappropriate immune response against its own tissue.
    For accurate testing of Autoimmune diseases Al Wafi provides leading companies that provide:

    1. Ready to use kits and reagents for:
      • Immunofluorescence assays (IFA)
      • Enzyme immunoassays (EIA) for Systemic Autoimmune testing (non-organ specific),
      • Vasculitis Testing,
      • Anti-phospholipid Testing,
      • Gastrointestinal Tetsing,
      • Other Organ-Specific Autoimmune Testing.
    2. Instrumentation:
      • Automated Microplate processors
      • Microplate Readers,
      • Microplate Washer and
      • Automated EIA microplate and IFA Slide Assays.
    3. Blood Viruses
      Blood Viruses or Blood Borne Diseases are viruses that some people carry in their blood a can be spread by contamination of blood. These visrues could cause severe diseases that need to be discovered and diagnosed. Al Wafi group provides assays and instrumentation for clinical and blood bank screening for blood-borne infections.
      • Reagesnt: immunoassay reagents for Screening blood for viruses and other blood-borne pathogens.
      • retroviruses,
      • hepatitis viruses ( Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Hepatitis D)
      • Other Infectious diseases (Syphilis and Malaria)
      • Instrumentation: Essential tools for
      • microplate Readers,
      • Washers,
      • Incubators,
      • Dispensers,
      • Metrology tools,
      • Western blot processing systems.
    4. Microbiology
      Microbiology is the study of Microscopic organisms that typically include the study of the immune system.
      Al Wafi provides Full range of tools for diagnostic of microbial infections:

      • Culture Media Bacteriology, Base Products, Prepared Agar plates.
      • Identification of Microorganisms Disks, Kits, Miscellaneous Kits, Immunological Identification.
      • Susceptibility Testing Automated System, Antimicrobial testing, testing for veterinary laboratory, Micropanels.
      • Mycology Culture Media, Platelia Aspergillus Ag, Pneumocystis Jirovecii- Immunoflurescence, Platelia Aspergillus EIA, identification kits, antifungal susceptibility testing.
      • Serology ToRCH Serology, Pediatric Panel , other serology assays, Open EIA microplate analysis systems.
      • Direct Antigen Detection kits for gastrointestinal, opportunistic, and sexually transmitted diseases.
      • Diabetes Testing Extensive arrays of Hemoglobin A1c and abnormal hemoglobin testing from point of care to high-volume clinical instruments.
      • Quality Control QC products, data management tools, and services covering hundreds of analytes and thousands of methods.
      • Newborn Screening Assays, instrumentation, and software for successful newborn screening for genetic disorders: Galactosemia, Congenital Adernal Hyperplasia (CAH), Congenital Hypothyroidism (CH), G6PD, Phenyketonuria (PKU).
      • Special Chemistry Broad range of assays, columns, and kits to perform special testing in: Toxicology, and Clinical HPLC.
      • Immunohematology Semi and Fully Automated Assays, columns, and kits to perform specialty testing with accuracy and efficiency.
    5. We provide:
      Traditional Blood bank reagents and Automation, Transplant Diagnostics, Blood grouping, Blood group serology control.
      • Hematology Heamostasis Blood analysis of Abnormalities of Coagulation. We provide Semi and fully automated Coagulation systems with full range of analysis of : Haemophilia A, Haemophilia B, Antiphospholipid Syndrome, Von Willebrand Disease, Thrombophilia, Pre-Surgery Screening.
      • Pathology and Histology Instruments, reagents, Consumables for Cytology, Autopsy and speciments preparation processing and embedding, Microtomy, Staining, and coverslipping as well as full line of Immunohistochemistry reagents.
      • FlowCytometry We provide the best flow cytometry systems and reagents with cutting edge technology with unique designs for getting best results in various diagnostic applications in Molecular Diagnostics, research, Immunology, Microbiology, Industrial Applications and Agrosciences.

Al Wafi provides extensive supplies of basic laboratory equipment form Balances to scales to all laboratory needs such as:

  • Centrifuges,
  • Incubators,
  • Ovens,
  • Autoclaves,
  • Microscopes,
  • Water baths,
  • Circulators,
  • Mixers,
  • Freezers and refrigerators
  • Glass wares.

The science of Molecular Biology is focused on the study and understanding of the cellular processes that contribute to the effective transmission and expression of the genetic information. In other words, it is the science that studies biology at a molecular level. This implies the understanding of the interactions that take place among the different components of a cell, such as DNA, RNA and proteins.

Al Wafi provides the full range needed by all laboratories, education and research centers, our full range includes:

  • Sample preparation.
  • Sample quantitation.
  • Laboratory process separation.
  • Automated electrophoresis.
  • Electrophoresis and blotting systems.
  • Imaging and bioinformatics software.
  • Protein interaction analysis.
  • Multiplex suspension array systems.
  • Microplate systems.
  • Transfections.
  • Amplification systems (PCR).
  • Liquid handling equipment.
  • Biotechnology explorers.
  • Sequencers.