Al–Wafi Group is a major shareholder in:

  1. JOSWE; Jordanian Pharmaceuticals Manufacturing Company. Mr. Fawzi Al-Lauzi; Al –Wafi Managing Director is CO-founder and a member of JOSWE board of Directors
  2. Al-MISK; fully owned and managed by Al-Wafi Group an Iraqi holding Company registered in Iraq to serve Health care sector; Human Pharmaceuticals, Medical Appliances, Laboratory Diagnostics and Environmental Supplies.
    Al-Wafi / Al-Misk owns 6 Commercial offices in Baghdad Area - Iraq, 2 other offices in Kurdish areas – Iraq, and one office in Basra area. In addition they own 13 whole sale outlets in Iraq in Baghdad Area only and 2 whole sale outlets in Kurdish Area.
    50% Share and co-management in Regional Pharma Dubai to serve GCC Countries.

  3. Al-Wafi Drug Store; specialized in marketing & distribution of human pharmaceuticals and Para Medicals to all hospitals and public pharmacies in Jordan.
    Al –Wafi drug store serves 1900 pharmacies and 47 private hospitals all in Jordan. Distribution net work and information and stock management system are most modern and efficient.
  4. Chain pharmacy; under name of Pharma Chain. This is a starting chain with a core of 8 pharmacies and plans to expand in all cities.
  5. Al-Wafi Health Care Center; an outlet offering homecare and serving patients, nursing centers, Elderly and the handicapped.
  6. SARL-AL-WAFI; Food industry, chocolate, biscuits.....etc.
  7. AgriProviders; Agriculture including grains , pesticides and organic fertilizers.